Thursday, 3 March 2011

Working For Dickheads

This isn't a rant in any way, but for the last ten years I've been working for a company with aspirations of being a 'World Class' company.

It's just a joke. As usual. So I finally had enough and walked.

Maybe I'm a shade arrogant (I don't think so, but some do) and I kind of object to being hauled up on disciplinary charges by people who are barely literate. Anyone who works for a multi-national company will get where I'm coming from here. It's all about corporate image and sucking up.

I don't do that. I tolerated it for long enough and got embroiled in internal politics, and I've decided that enough is enough. Count me out. Even prawns don't have to tolerate shit for ten years.

It's a gamble, in a recession, but it was either walk away or go mad.

I'm already mad, so I walked away sideways. How the hell are you supposed to take managers seriously when they have to ask you for the correct spelling to fill in forms?

Only problem is, my sleep patterns have been a bit haywire the last three or four days. I blame it on the Discovery channel.

And just to prove I'm not going a bit mental - I see that I have two followers on my blog! Hello birbee and Nick!

Just for information - birb - read your chilli blog earlier. Loved it. We've got some Scotch Bonnets and Birds Eyes growing out the back. I like chilli but I'm not suicidal - once saw a guy's face turn pink and start to swell up eating a hot curry! Lips looked like Lesley ash after a while. Silly arse!

And Nick - played one of your tracks from You Tube last night - found the old foot tapping involuntarily. Good stuff. The one with the blonde woman singing. Sounded a bit like Blondie.(Strangely enough!) Enjoyed it.

Stick with it chaps - all is not lost.

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