Sunday, 27 February 2011

Days 3 & 4

Late Sunday night, 27/28th Feb 2011

Funny old weekend.

Weather's all over the shop.

Had a bugger of a hailstorm Saturday morning - size of basketballs they were. Not really. More like the size of hundreds and thousands, or Sprinkles as I believe our American brethren call them.

Made quite a racket pounding the windows though.

Then we got rain. A lot of it. Same sunday. Rain, rain, and then more rain, with sunny spells in between.

My Nan used to blame the space rockets. She said they punched holes in the atmosphere every time a man went to the moon. Maybe she was right.

United won yesterday. I wrote a nonsensical article about Wayne Rooney's elbow. It did quite well.

Fucking boring as arseholes weekend really.

Went shopping today. The wife wanted some bread and some veg. It only took an hour. That's pretty good for her - she usually squeezes every loaf in the bread aisle testing them for freshness. Takes an eternity just getting past the bread.

She did a new one today. Picked up one of those plastic bags of pre-weighed potatoes - and then started shuffling the spuds around in the bag! She claimed she was testing them for freshness.

When we got back, we watched the Carling Cup Final on the box. Birmingham City upset the odds and beat the Arsenal. Which was nice. I've got relatives in Birmingham. They'll all be out on the town tonight supping ale and going for a dippy (balti)

.They likes their grub up there in Brum.

Speaking of which, we had this mad seafood thing in bechamel sauce with fancy mashed spuds and veg for tea. The wife's got indigestion now. I'm alright though.

She's on her laptop as I write this...learning Spanish again. God knows why. She's not too bad at it really - when in Rome, she speaks a bit of Spanish. Same in France....

It's the Oscars in a couple of hours - I'm kind of debating whether to stay up and watch it or not.

Interesting about Banksy, the Bristol street artist who won't allow his face to be shown in the media. He's up for a gong, but the powers that be have told him that they won't let him in if he shows up in disguise, so I did a Spoof news article about him turning up in a burkha.

Be fucking brilliant if he does!

Martin Shuttlecock.

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